Submit Font(s)

To submit your font file(s) via email, please follow the steps below:

  • Attach you font (TTF, OTF, ZIP ) file to the email message
  • You may also provide a direct link to the file (Dropbox or Google Drive only). Please note that NO download links from other websites will be considered.

Compose message as below or include the information in a text file and attach to the email message.

  • NAME: Write your name
  • FONT TITLE: Name of the font
  • FONT LICENSE: e.g. Free for Personal Use / Free for Commercial Use / Public Domain OFL, GPL / Shareware etc.
  • FONT DESCRIPTION: Describe any terms of use or more information about font(s)
  • LINK: Link to your shop or portfolio (optional)
  • PAYPAL DONATION LINK : Direct link to PayPal donation page (optional)


Send your message at :