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Titillium Light Upright 1

Titillium Bold 2

Titillium Bold Upright 3

Titillium Bold Italic 4

Titillium Semibold 5

Titillium Regular 6

Titillium Light Italic 7

Titillium Light 8

Titillium Regular Italic 9

Titillium Semibold Upright 10

Titillium Thin Italic 11

Titillium Thin 12

Titillium Black 13

Titillium Regular Upright 14

Titillium Semibold Italic 15

Titillium Thin Upright 16

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Size:575.38 KB
Version:Version 1.000;PS 57.000;hotconv 1.0.70;makeotf.lib2.5.55311

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Free for personal and commercial use

This font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL)

File Contents

File NameSizeType
Titillium-Thin.otf52.77 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-ThinItalic.otf57.81 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-Light.otf55.73 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-LightItalic.otf63.43 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-Regular.otf56.11 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-RegularItalic.otf64.86 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-Semibold.otf57.01 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-SemiboldItalic.otf66.52 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-Bold.otf54.27 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-BoldItalic.otf65.00 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-Black.otf37.18 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-ThinUpright.otf53.44 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-LightUpright.otf55.98 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-RegularUpright.otf57.56 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-SemiboldUpright.otf59.22 KBOpenType Font
Titillium-BoldUpright.otf55.63 KBOpenType Font
SIL Open Font License.txt6.09 KBText File