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PT Sans Narrow
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Font Details

Name:PT Sans Narrow
Size:1.69 MB
Version:Version 2.005
Licence:ParaType Ltd grants you the right to use, copy, modify this font and distribute modified and unmodified copies of the font by any means, including placing on Web servers for free downloading, embedding in documents and Web pages, bundling with commercial and non commercial products, if it does not conflict with the ParaType Free Font License placed on
Designer:A.Korolkova, O.Umpeleva, V.Yefimov
License URL:
Description:PT Sans is a type family of universal use. It consists of 8 styles: regular and bold weights with corresponding italics form a standard computer font family; two narrow styles (regular and bold) are intended for documents that require tight set; two caption styles (regular and bold) are for texts of small point sizes. The design combines traditional conservative appearance with modern trends of humanistic sans serif and characterized by enhanced legibility. These features beside conventional use in business applications and printed stuff made the fonts quite useable for direction and guide signs, schemes, screens of information kiosks and other objects of urban visual communications.The fonts next to standard Latin and Cyrillic character sets contain signs of title languages of the national republics of Russian Federation and support the most of the languages of neighboring countries. The fonts were developed and released by ParaType in 2009 with financial support from Federal Agency of Print and Mass Communications of Russian Federation. Design - Alexandra Korolkova with assistance of Olga Umpeleva and supervision of Vladimir Yefimov.

Character Map

PT Sans Narrow
PT Sans Narrow

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PTS55F.ttf419.11 KBTrueType Font
PTS56F.ttf403.13 KBTrueType Font
PTS75F.ttf446.73 KBTrueType Font
PTS76F.ttf337.38 KBTrueType Font
PTC55F.ttf347.14 KBTrueType Font
PTC75F.ttf368.66 KBTrueType Font
PTN57F.ttf374.85 KBTrueType Font
PTN77F.ttf476.36 KBTrueType Font
Paratype PT Sans Free Font License.txt2.51 KBText File