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Oswald Regular
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Oswald Extra Light Italic 1

Oswald Light Italic 2

Oswald Bold 3

Oswald Demi Bold 4

Oswald Medium 5

Oswald Extra Light 6

Oswald Heavy 7

Oswald Regular Italic 8

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Oswald Regular 12

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Oswald Stencil 14

Oswald Demi Bold Italic 15

Font Details

Name:Oswald Regular
Size:640.80 KB
Version:3.0; ttfautohint (v0.95) -l 8 -r 50 -G 200 -x 0 -w "G" -W -c
Licence:Copyright (c) 2013, vernon adams (vernnobile@gmail.com),with Reserved Font Name Oswald. This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.
Designer:Vernon Adams
License URL:http://scripts.sil.org/OFL
Description:Copyright (c) 2010-13 by Vernon Adams

Character Map

Oswald Regular
Oswald Regular

Free for personal and commercial use

This font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL)

File Contents

File NameSizeType
Oswald-ExtraLight.ttf68.77 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-Extra-LightItalic.ttf81.82 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-Light.ttf69.90 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-LightItalic.ttf75.28 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-Regular.ttf79.18 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-RegularItalic.ttf88.97 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-Medium.ttf73.89 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-MediumItalic.ttf88.83 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-DemiBold.ttf73.06 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-Demi-BoldItalic.ttf90.01 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-Bold.ttf72.67 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-BoldItalic.ttf88.03 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-Heavy.ttf72.85 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-HeavyItalic.ttf78.23 KBTrueType Font
Oswald-Stencil.ttf34.37 KBTrueType Font
SIL Open Font License.txt4.29 KBText File